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Biggles' Bugle #105 (6/5/2008)


Many Islanders will have read our notices and/or Biggles’ “letter to the editor” in the Redland Times of the 25th April 2008 advising that the Liquor Licencing Commission had REJECTED the application on the 26th of September 2007.  An appeal by Consul Management to the Commercial and Consumer Tribunal reversed the decision by Liquor Licencing on 14th of March 2008 (amended 31st of March 2008).

A PUBLIC MEETING will be held with our State Member John English M.P. on Thursday 7.p.m. at the Community Hall 22nd May 2008, to express the Community’s concerns and to examine and minimise the impact of the decision on the Community.  Islanders will be reminded of the date on the Notice Board.

Our Progress Association has investigated the possibility of applying for a review quote – “Section 35 of the Act permits the Tribunal to grant leave for fresh evidence to be presented on the appeal in certain circumstances” unquote.   A number of factors, including legal costs, were taken into consideration and the majority decision at this stage was to take no further action.   What we must realise is that a holder of a General Licence may apply (in the future perhaps) for up to three detached liquor outlets within 10km of the licenced premises.  Many of us are able to visualise one of these outlets in very close proximity to the jetty for the benefit of the tourist trade – enough said !!!


Last Saturday on a perfect day for outdoor activities, the Croquet/Bowls Club held an open day – sausage sizzle which proved to be very successful.  Approx. 35/40 people attended and it was pleasing to see some new faces interested in playing.

NEW CROQUET STARTING TIME:   Due to the shortening days, the Club will commence playing at 2PM instead of 3PM – Tuesdays and Sundays.


On Tuesday 20th May at 10am all are welcome to visit the Club House and partake in this wonderful fund-raiser for Cancer Research.  Islanders are most generous raising money for good causes. (Norma.)


Now that we have entered the “merry month of MAY” you MAY read the signs and MAY let your dog off leash to play in the designated area at all hours until August 31st. Remember, if you have ANY comments re this trial project, contact Redland City Council 3829 8999.


There have been complaints by residents of irresponsible behaviour, hooning, yahooing etc. at the lower end of Tageruba Street/Victoria Parade South, particularly at weekends.

If you are aware of unlawful behaviour – report it! Don’t leave it to others. Emergency – dial 000, Police – Redland Bay 3829 4111 or after hours Cleveland on 3824 9333.

Some residents have even contemplated selling their homes and those living in rented accommodation are seeking to move.  The boat ramp area apparently is a popular spot for some people to gather, not just the young.  The southern part of Tageruba Street is devoid of street lighting as is the roadway between the boat ramp and jetty.  Lighting is so inadequate that even a “wowser” like me is unable to find his car after enjoying a great meal at the well-lit Resort.  In the interests of public safety and wellbeing, Council will again be approached to rectify this shortcoming.

There is a possibility that work has been delayed awaiting the construction of Victoria Pde (Sth) from Tageruba St. to Elizabeth St. along the property line – see Land Management Plan.

We are still awaiting delivery of more household kits from Neighbourhood Watch.


Well, Jone is back under our wing having had a wonderful time in the Old Dart catching up with her Mum and various members of family and friends.  Jone confesses it was “nice” to see six inches of snow, but from the window of the house, where she was staying.    The month of April saw 164 clients borrow 414 items and we have received some wonderful donations of books and dvd’s (my 13 year old  Grandson and family who were visiting from Bathurst, even went through his dvd’s and brought a box with him for our Library – thanks mate,we were a bit thin on the ground for junior dvds) Thank you all.  (N)


What a great night it was at the Flinders Café, raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland.  “Effervescent” Esther Ison has been doing this wonderful job for years and we have not forgotten that she was the top fund raiser in our State last year. Behind every successful woman there is a very supportive family, Husband, Wayne, senior chef/barman, Daughters, Michelle, barber/bar attendant and Nicole, bar attendant and their partners.  Add to them Pat Reeves, chef/barman and you have a good team.

There were lots of young (at heart) people who had their hair coloured – chef Pat, had lots of pink, purple and yellow dots and was quite startled at the sight of himself in the mirror.  Among the girls, Norma looked “sweet” with pink hair, purple G stripe and Esther insisted on yellow dots !!!! Emma had her pretty blonde hair coloured too and gave lots of assistance with raffle tickets etc. Thanks Emma.

Four people had their head shaved (at least 1s or 2s) Julie (Coochie’s Convenience Hygiene Officer) who looks quite cool and three blokes Ian Busst, Peter Webb and Biggles.  In addition to the locals, Members of the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron arrived for dinner at the Café and “whipped” around, raising over $300  and supported the licenced bar.  One “Yachtie” (not “boatie) had his head shaved and a very pleasant evening was had by all. Entertainment by the “Russleigh Duo” (more about them later) was said to be superb, with people dancing merrily having lost their “sea legs” – Thanks chaps.

Final figures should be in the next Bugle.  Julie and I combined our efforts and wish to thank our generous sponsors.  There were many who donated up to $20 but Julie says a big “TA” to Laurie Burns for his $30 and Biggles to Mark and Marie, Coochie Resort, Elizabeth Sheehy ( our Pelican’s Nest barber) and the Coochiemudlo Community Library for donated $50 each.

Last but not least, Esther extends a heartfelt thanks to Jan and Sab Buffalino for their wonderful raffle donations and to Baywaters Realty for Champers and a dinner at the Resort – not forgetting Paul and Glenys for the venue which is ideal for this sort of function.

STOP PRESS  Esther has a collage of photo’s taken before and after the shaves.


Leanne and Russ of the “Russleigh Duo” were mentioned earlier for their excellent effort at the R.Q.Y.S./Shave Night.  Those who went to the Easter markets would have also seen and heard them performing. They were so good that Easter Bunny wanted to dance on the table, but Norma wouldn’t let him. (up two rungs on a ladder and he is in danger (N))   This delightful duo is available for weddings and functions, being mature would cater for all good tastes.  To find out more, talk to Leanne or Russ on 3206 8785.


A beautiful day (no cold S.E.breeze) greeted the 200 or so attendees of Anzac Day at the flagpole.   Mr. Stan Harris greeted the residents and visitors, Progress President Len Turner spoke on the irreverence of the Aussie humour and the larrikinism that gets many Servicemen through their trials.  The Rev. Bruce Warwick lead prayers and Coochiemudlo resident, Airforce Sgt. Steve Crockett touched on the many facets of wartime.   Stan would like to thank Mr. Frank Green for providing the Rosemary sprigs and Len for providing much needed seating and the sound system.

After the Anzac Day Service, the Isle of Coochie Golf Club held a BBQ at the Club and many took advantage of the nice day to attend.  If you had any “puff” left after all that, The Resort held a “Peace – Flower Power” evening at which Room 4 played their hearts out to the delight of the crowd.  Quite a busy day in all. (N)


Klaus Szymanski is recovering from surgery on his left foot and another “hop-a-long” Dorothy Green tripped over ‘Fluffy” her dog (yeah – right!) Frank Green and Bruce Green have both been under the weather and are starting to feel a bit more human, Peter McQuittie has also met with a set-back. Kel Cranston continues to improve slowly and we are pleased to hear he is starting to become mobile – Margaret is playing “nursie” so he will surely get better under her ministrations. Norah Allen has a new eye – and tomorrow Jock is off to have his hip replaced – look out girls at the gym when he is “up and running” Best of luck Och Aye – (N)


  • Happy birthdays to:- Samantha and Melanie Chivers,(Sam’s girls)  Cay Wilson, Jack Hodge, Ronnie Ember, and Ray Burton.
  • A SPECIAL 18TH BIRTHDAY WISH  to Lara Burton – pleased to see you back in residence on the Island with Mum, Kerry and Dad Ray. Have a happy one Lara.(N)


Sharon and Simon Tewson are holidaying on Coochiemudlo Island from their Tufi Dive Resort in P.N.G. – just shows the pull Coochie has on ex-residents.  Have a good holiday catching up with friends.  (N)


Yes, the Flinders Café is offering delicious roast pork and beef with all the trimmings.  Why not give your “someone special” a real treat on this very special day.  Early bookings appreciated, so call Paul or Glenys on 3207 0707.


Last week our Reptile Removal Man – Croc Clark – turned up at Owl Cottage holding a very fat 6/7’ Carpet Snake, which had ingested a small animal, found at the Harris home in Marana Street.  Jewels had lost a chook or two to these friendly rovers, but Stan said he could feel small feet front and back. We then chose the victim as possibly a Bandicoot.   The snake was quite drowsy and ready to hibernate to ingest his meal.  If you have an unwanted visitor and Croc is in town, please ring 3207 6206 and he will do his best to remove the offender.

Once the weather becomes cooler, the reptiles will be looking to “winter up” out of the way.  I believe Russell Jackson took a photo of the beauty for Croc’s records.(N)

After talking to Stan this afternoon we reckoned it was an Olive Python – one of the rarer ones.

BIGGLES – BRUCE E. GREEN   3207 8895 |
The Bugle copied and stapled – courtesy of Mr. John English M.P.
Thank you for donations of paper for the Bugle.

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