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Biggles' Bugle #106 (20/5/2008)


It is with deep regret that we report the sad loss of Max last Friday the 16th at Greenslopes Hospital.  Biggles has not heard from his daughter Michelle in the last few days but will ensure that notices appear on the boards when arrangements are made.  His faithful little black dog “Skipper” has been well cared for and a lovely lady has volunteered to adopt and care for him.

(Max and Skipper could be seen walking the Island every day and Skipper was always on for a ride in our car if we happened to be passing.)  We will miss him at the Library as Skipper always bounced in announcing that Max was on the way.


The above meeting is convened by the Progress Assn. and will be attended by Mr. John English M.P. and a Representative from Liquor Licencing Division.  As most of you would now be aware, the Commercial and Consumer Tribunal set aside the decision of the Liquor Licencing Division and granted Consul Management a Provisional General Licence on the 14th of March 2008.

“Bayview on Coochie” has held an “on-premises (meals) licence” for many years but has not traded from approx. 6 years.   The two major differences between the existing licence and the general licence are the ability to serve alcohol without a meal and the ability to sell take-away liquor.  The licencsee may also apply for up to three detached bottle shops within 10km of the Liccenced Premises.

In his submission to the Tribunal the Applicant’s Representative stated Parafraph 37 – quote “Acknowledged that, although the permanent population might be inadequate to support the proposal, it was nonetheless justified by the thriving and expanding tourist market” unquote.

Remember that the meeting is to express the community’s concerns and to examine ways to minimise the impact of this decision on the community.

As Principal Petitioner, I am not convinced that a full Public Interest Assessment (essential for the issue of a general licence) was carried out, particularly in the area of Public Consultation.  All interested persons are welcome to attend, but please- No Drunks!!!!


Some people become overawed at the sound of the incoming medical helicopter and immediately drive or run down to the Laurie Burns Recreation Oval to “see who it is” and “what’s going on”.  On arrival, many become “dumb-struck”, and leave their car wherever it stops to stand around gawking and oooh-aaahing.  If you do go down, please remember:

  • keep clear of the front area, i.e. Elizabeth Street to the oval boom-gate to allow emergency vehicles easy access.
  • Stay outside the fence – in other words KEEP OFF THE OVAL ALTOGETHER.
  • Don’t do anything that could delay aircraft departure – remember it could be your life next time.
  • Obey ALL instructions from our Voluntary Emergency Staff,  i.e. Ambulance or Fire Brigade.


Boy, the birthday fairy is busy this month, latest lot we have heard of are:   Norah – Mary Preston’s Mum, Joe Dillon, Ray Burton, John Mahony, Laurie Burns, Russell Jackson and Karen Jackson. Hope you all have happy ones. (Norma)


I had to sincerely apologise to Lyn and Peter Clark as when I used my personal phone book to enter CROC CLARK’S number which is 3207 6206 I inadvertently scanned across, dropped a line and picked up the wrong number.  My apologies again.   Stan and I were discussing the beauty Croc “relocated” last month and we agreed it was an Olive Python as the markings were dark green/black – it certainly was a beauty! (N)


This busy group is holding a Whale Watch on the 12th of June $55 a head, 7am ferry will be met by a bus, and the watch will be from 9am to 12pm. Late lunch on return at Yatala Pies.   You will have to book should you wish to attend, ring Ted Dilworth on 3820 6758.


Saturday the 5th of July and tickets are on sale now at $25.00p.h.

There are only 80 tickets available, so please get in early.   Ring Peter on 3207 0915 or Judy on 3207 0916   The venue will be the Coochiemudlo Community Hall. (N)


As many members as possible are requested to attend the public meeting on Thursday night.   It is hoped that a long-overdue quarterly meeting of the “Watch” will be held next month as things seem to be working on “retarded Island time” at the moment.   Our long-overdue order of another 100 household kits should have arrived and I will have to chase them up.

In the meantime Jacque Pritchard (Zone A)  and “Rusty” Russell (Zone B) have co-ordinated and carried out the distribution of their kits, leaving some for Heidi (Zone C) to receive soon.  Jacqui has expressed great pleasure in seeing the metal plaques appearing on the front of properties in their area – they are a good little deterrent to many “would-be” criminals.


Dot Hamilton is hopping around with a foot in plaster (no not that one the other one) Jock Allen is back on his feet after his hip operation, Eve Blewitt’s other knee has decided to pack it in, Gavin went for some more frequent flyer points, Dor Leach had unfortunate fall and we hope she is on the mend.  Kel Cranston seems to be making haste slowly, and Denise Preston come on folks – get well soon.  (N)


This happy band of young Mums gather each Friday at the front beach opposite the park at 10am and all ages are welcome — come along and have a chinwag.


Since our last article in The Bugle, more Bandicoots have been sighted. Unfortunately not all of them alive – please be careful when driving as they, like the Ducks  and Curlews are hard to see – especially at night. (N)


We continue to receive donations of books etc., and we now have a reasonable collection of dvd’s – thank you all.   Library is open WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS 9am to 12pm.   Should you need books etc and are laid up and unable to get to the Library or need items picked up, please ring Norma on 3207 8895 and arrangements will be made for you.  (N)


As Members, Bruce and I receive  their very newsy Newsletters and David Paxton has given me permission to mention some of their “doings” here. (N)

Climate Change Seminar
The Society is hosting a series of seminars on Climate Change and Coochiemudlo Island is being used as a pilot study. The first of these was held on the 8th of March and attended by some 30 people who appreciated the transfer of knowledge.  The next seminar is planned for the 21st June 2008 so keep an eye on notice boards for details.

Visit by the Water Transport Association
This will be held on Saturday the 24th of May from about 2.30pm. Anyone wishing to participate, please contact David on 3820 8989.

Among other things, the Association will view the plaque marking the cookhouse opf 43 Landing Craft Company at the Isle of Coochie Golf Club and also the Lone Pine and plaque situated above the Golf Club at the Community Hall.

Bayside Vehicle Restorers Club
Saturday the 7th June the Club will be visiting the Island for lunch as part of their three day rally being held in and around the Bayside area.  The Society has been invited to give a presentation on the history of the Island.  The lunch will be held at Mudlo and to make the most of the occasion, any locals who would like to set up a stall within the grounds of Mudlo are more than welcome.


This great annual event is rapidly approaching – SUNDAY JULY THE 20TH to be precise.   Why not give your group, organisation or business a boost by entering the Parade or perhaps running a stall.  

Stall Convenor – Bev. Holcroft, 3207 8315
Parade Marshal – Biggles  – 3207 8895.


The following is a copy of a letter by Mr. Peter Broadbent, published in today’s Bayside Bulletin – Our Peter has hit the nail right on the head re the Liquor Licence – Well done mate!  (we have reproduced it so that any who did not receive a copy of the Bulletin may read it – N)

Liquor decision ‘Something rotten

I write concerning the Coochie Liquor Licence (B.B. April 29)

What kind of a democracy are we living in when some tribunal can overturn a decision of the Liquor Licencing division against granting a licence which was arrived at after consultation with Islanders, when hundreds of residents, plus a significant number of visitors, voted against the proposal.

Apparently community concerns can be ignored as of no account.  All that matters is “commercial and consumer” desires with the emphasis on commercial and profit.

A body of people who don’t live here can decide what’s good for us against expressed community concerns.  They make judgement “of benefit to tourism and liquor industries”.  Money is all the tribunal cares about.

To misquote Shakespeare, perhaps…”something is rotten in the State of Queensland”.

The only tourists who might benefit would be those on a booze and binge tour, secure in the knowledge that they need not worry about a police presence as there is none on the Island.

Peter Broadbent, Coochiemudlo Island


BIGGLES – BRUCE E. GREEN   3207 8895 |
The Bugle copied and stapled – courtesy of Mr. John English M.P.
Thank you for donations of paper for the Bugle.

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