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Biggles’ Bugle #110 (28/7/2008)


What a superb day, we could not have asked for better.  To add to Normas’ and my delight, we had family, Reg and Kerry visit for the event.  Some of you may remember that Son, Reg and a few of his friends took care of overnight security in the big marquee at the 1999 Bi-Centennial celebrations.

Following the Raising of the Colours at 1035 hrs. By the T.S. Norfolk Naval Cadets, Progress Association President, Len Turner welcomed the official guests, Mayor Melva Hobson P.S.M. (who declared proceedings open), State Member for Redlands John English, Federal Member Andrew Laming and Division 4 Councillor, Peter Dowling. Mayor Melva presented the trophy for the best float to Isle of Coochie Golf Club representative Margaret Anderson (great to see so many of our Junior Golfers in the march), and John English and Kelly presented the period costume prizes.

The Parade was led by the Redland Ladies Drum Corps and the T.S.. Norfolk Cadets and for the first time, by cyclist Karin Mitchell who is keen to encourage that activity (see jetty notice board).  The mini-mokes led by Ian Rowland were filled with enthusiasts both big and small – great fun!  The Bayside Vehicle Restorers Club added nostalgia with their four beautifully presented cars ( 2 Chev.4’s, a Rover and a Citroen).  Biggles would enjoy talking about them all some more.

Our now fully-restored and seaworthy “Trim” was manned by numbers of the Flomersfeld Family – descendants of Matthew Flinders’ nephew – to row Matthew (aka Mark Bowden) ashore to carry out the “sighting” at 1155hrs.

Two Dragon Boats rowed up from Redland Bay to enjoy some racing.  All that Biggles knows at this stage is that Glenda’s boat would have to be the winner!

We were very thankful of the assistance of Tim Hankey and friend for the use of his mini-bus to transport the Drum Corp ladies and to John Mahony our Island Carrier (phone 3207 8853 to book a job) for transporting their instruments – also Despatch Rider Bill Hamilton and the Lifesaver marshals.

FLINDERS DAY THANK YOU – from Bev. Holcroft, Market Co-ordinator – to:-

Coochie Barge and Ferry Service – Garry Blackburn, Redland Ladies Drum Corps, Redlands Sea Dragon Boat Club, J.J. Jazz Band, T.S. Norfolk Cadets, Black Powder Club, Redland Car Restorer’s Club, Mini-mokes, Coochie Fire Brigade and Ambulance Services, Parade Marshal and helpers, Wayne Barrett, Graham Lever M.C., Flomersfeld Family, Flinders Day Committee, volunteers who set up and dismantled gazebo’s etc.  Wooden Boat Club, Parade participants and a big thanks to the Isle of Coochie Golf Club for stepping  in and running the food stall at short notice – and of course, all the stall holders.  In all,. A perfect day with good attendance – could not have been better.

STALL HOLDER MEETING   Bev. will be holding a market meeting at the Foreshore Park on Sunday August the 3rd at 10.30am. If anyone is interested in putting their two cents worth in, either about Flinders Day or the markets, please come along and have your say – please ring Bev. on 3207 8315 if you can attend and please bring your own chair. (Bev.)


As it was the night before Flinders Day, Bruce and I were unable to attend but we have heard it was an excellent function.  The food and wines were superb and The Resort hosted a full (!) house Well done !(Norma)

WORLD YOUTH WEEK (Margaret Britton).  

On Friday the 11th July, a group of 45 French and 15 American Pilgrims came over to visit Coochiemudlo, along with their host families.  After their welcome, Mary Preston gave them a talk about Coochie, aided by Catherine Bishop (who translated for our French visitors).  They then enjoyed strolling round the Island and Adam Bowden kindly put his paddle boats at their disposal for the afternoon.  Gathering at the Community Hall, decorated with every kind of native plant available, refreshments were enjoyed by about 100 followed by a wonderful Celebration Mass conducted by an American Bishop and four Priests.  Ian Rowland kindly took photos of this happy occasion.   As they sailed off on the ferry, they all felt Coochiemudlo Island had weaved its special magic for them.


Perhaps you saw in the media where people (pensioners included) are being allegedly “ripped off” by electricity and gas suppliers.  Our Member for Redlands, John English advises that if consumers have any concerns, first contact your supplier, then if you don’t get a satisfactory response from them, John encourages you to go straight to the Energy Ombudsman “The Bligh Government is on the side of the consumer.  That’s why we set up an Energy Ombudsman, so that people have someone to turn to” .John says he has got “experienced people working in his Office , ready to sort out any complaints” The toll-free number for the Energy Ombudsman is 1800 662 837.


Whilst on the subject of Ombudsman, several Islanders have been in contact with their office regarding lack of advice re hearing of the Liquor Licence appeal.  Biggles spoke with a senior chap last Thursday (24th July) and he reiterated that their Department could do nothing about the hearing. He did seem overjoyed when I suggested that he could apply a steel-capped No. 9 boot to a few beauraucratic “butts”.  In any event he is writing to me and you will be kept informed.  Meanwhile there is another avenue nearer to home which I am considering could be investigated.


Beth Dermer would like to let residents know there is an Occupational Therapy Service on Coochie now, called “DOTS”.
Occupational Therapists, work with the elderly and veterans to maximise their independence and comfort.  This can involve organising medical aids, home modifications, disability permits and help to recover/restore functionality after a heart attack, stroke or discharge from hospital.   O.T.’s go into bat, so to speak, for the elderly  and veterans and can organise community services and better medical care than is typically available.

O.T. is free for war veterans if they are gold-card holders (and eligible white card holders).  The best contact number to get a DOTS OT is 3114  9445.


Jacqui Pritchard wishes to thank all those who supported her stall and advises that a bank cheque for $200 has been sent to the R.S.P.C.A. (J.P).


A little over one month ago the NUSHIP Redland Bay was commissioned to officially become the T.S. (Training Ship) Diamantina. Of great significance was the fact that the service took place at Redland Bay and on board the H.M.A.S. Diamantina at the Maritime Museum on the Brisbane River. This will be a day to be remembered by all who were involved, including our two Cadets from Coochie.  You are now able to stand proudly, shoulder to shoulder, with the T.S. Norfolk Cadets.

MANGROVE JACK asks – if a deaf person goes to Court, is it still called a “hearing”?


The No. 2 Residents Report makes good reading and provides useful information.  Coochie has been allocated $202,000 for concrete road construction in Mareela Street and $61,000 for ongoing road maintenance.  Recently, after having observed a visiting pre-schooler climbing under the concrete slab to recover a tennis ball, I reported the open storm water drain at the corner of Tageruba and Victoria Pde. Sth, which had been cleaned by Council workers.  Russell Jackson provided me with some excellent photos which I submitted at the time.  Hopefully it will be rectified while the workers are still on the Island.


Last issue I must have had a Senior’s Moment and apparently omitted some important information.   LAWN BOWLS  is played Saturday mornings commencing at 8am and CROQUET is played TUESDAY and SUNDAY at 2pm.  I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused visitors or players (N)


Russell and Heather Patrick and Janet Chalmers are proud to announce their Grandson Oscar will be attending the Opera House on the 12th of August as part of a Choir singing 12 songs.  Of course Adam, Oscar’s Dad is justifiably proud of his son.   Well done Oscar – something to cherish in your memories. (J.C.)


Sam Chivers follows Ford, John English follows Holden V8 Supercars and Flinders weekend there were big races at Ipswich.  Apparently the boys had a bit of friendly rivalry, each barracking for their favourite Team.  Sam was pleased to report that the Fords won races 1/2/3/4 thus showing their superiority over Holdens – bad luck John. !    (S.C.)


This is not a free plug for the free weekly, but the front page article headed “Dowling : Koalas face extinction under new Council Policy” is a must.   The second paragraph (quote)”Cr. Dowling, who has moved into an :opposition” position since the March elections”(unquote) appears to point to the crux of the situation.  Having been almost politically “exterminated” in the last election he has seemingly moved into the “leader of the opposition” chair now that he is one of only two of the “Seccombe Six” left.  During my Army training, I learned that “sometimes the best form of defence – is attack”.  So, let’s attend to those election promises – Resolve Coochiemudlo parking issues, completing Les Moore Park and Victoria Point Reserve and improving local transport for Seniors.  Thankyou Bayside Weekly for your articles on Flinders Day and Island Leisure – Donna Pearce’s prose titled “On My Island” is a delight.


Margaret and Brian Britton are proud to announce the recent arrival of their new Great Grandaughter, Claire Ellen.  Also welcome to Margaret’s Brother out from the Old Dart for a visit (our present weather must make him feel right at home) – hope you enjoy your stay. (N)


Mainland residents have been warned that a teenager presenting as a Lifesaver has been door knocking and requesting donations.  There are no scheduled collections being conducted at present.  Lifesavers ALWAYS wear full uniform, carry I.D. and have proper receipt books and collection tins.  The possibility of the offender appearing on our Island is perhaps unlikely, but please warn your mainland friends.


Another enterprising young lady who gets her photo in the press (Seaview Times) is 12 y.o. Jaqq Lawrie, daughter of Ross “Froot-loop”.  Many of you will remember that she played a major role in our recycled water-tasting tests at the market some time ago.  Jaqq was recently photographed in the Seaview Times which she delivers on the Island, and we understand that she could be available to do more deliveries..Well done Jaqq – for enquiries, please call her parents on 3820 9873 or if you wish to buy your always-fresh fruit and veggies on a Saturdays, Ross will call on you.


Narelle Renn and Annie Jamieson asked the Bugle to include the following article which was “one of the key issues that the Seminar touched on when held on the 19th of July”.



What do most people think of when Coochiemudlo Island is mentioned?  I would guess beach, fun, relaxed lifestyle and trees, in whichever order is most important in the scheme of their lives.  For many residents passionate about their Island home, trees would be at the top of the list, so the sound of chainsaws rings alarm bells.

Often we are faced with the loss of yet another, or many other, beautiful old growth trees, home to the diversity of birds that call Coochie home, trees that shade us as we walk the quiet streets, trees that protect us from the wind and sun.  Trees that hold the land, save it washing down the gutters and out into the sea.

Of course trees need to be removed for dwellings but sadly many house blocks here are totally denuded, including trees on the surrounding footpaths, illegal tree removal on the foreshores is especially distressing, as it is solely for the gratification of a few wishing “a view” at the expense of the environment and the community.

At the very top of my wish-list is the hope that communities, and especially current and future residents of Coochiemudlo Island, will really look once, twice and many more times at the trees that they have the power to destroy.  I hope that we will realise that Coochie would not be the same beautiful tranquil and unique place without them and that each tree saved is a bonus to the environment, to the human and wildlife community, to us all.

Island trees,
Silent sentinels,
Holding the land,
Clinging with each twisted root,
Shading with each green leaf.
Yet defenceless.
Often taken for granted,
Often devalued.
Here, see the beauty,
Know the value,
Feel the love for island trees,
And be ever on guard
For them.

Narelle Renn-Community Bushcare Volunteer.


Thank you Narelle – that reminds me of the days “long ago” when my dear Mother would read to me, poems by our renowned Australian Poetess, Dorothea McKella.  The words that stick in my mind are “I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree”.  At that time my Father and Uncles were our “scrub-falling” and “ring-barking” to clear
the land for pastures to feed the livestock to feed the “townies”.  Small wonder that we “bushie” children of the Conondale and Bellthorpe Ranges, grew up bare footed and confused.   Later, we blamed the atomic bombs and subsequent nuclear tests for our reduced rainfall, not the decimation of our forests.


Incidentally on the reverse of the article copied above for Annie and Narelle is an interesting article about the Indian Myna. Because of space limitations, I can’t quote the whole article but here are some facts:- “Like the Cane Toad it was introduced to control insects in the cane fields and the major problem is that they compete with native species for nesting hollows – they don’t just occupy one hollow but will use surrounding hollows as decoys, building nests in them thus making them unusable by local fauna. They have been listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the world’s 100 worst invasive species and the second greatest threat to birds after land clearing.  In an effort to implement an effective control program Redland City Council is enlisting your help to record where these birds are feeding, nesting and roosting. Please call 3824 8611 with any relevant data.  (I know of one group in Capembah and another in Shirley Streets)  (N)


Len Turner, President of our Progress Assn. has confirmed that we have the use of what was the Council Blue Notice Board.  Official notices or important notices pertaining to Island organisations may be placed by approaching Len, Secretary Peter Colville, or Kathy Colville, Treasurer.  This extra space should ensure that important notices are not removed (or blow off) the main board.


Cripes, I nearly forgot the birthday boys!   Tom and Jack Buchanan turned 14 this month and Wayne Barrett turned (?)  Many Happies hope it was a good one! (N) Biggles’ G.G.Son Cooper Young, turned 4 – Happy Birthday Mate!


Many thanks to those who donated books, we had a successful day on Flinders Day. We have had a very busy month as it certainly has been “reading” weather.  It is too time consuming and expensive to send out overdue letters to our naughty borrowers who have books still to be returned since MAY for goodness sake. Please endeavour to return them so others may enjoy.  Also, over Christmas a DVD disc “Passed Away” with Bob Hoskins went missing and  a borrower who had Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood, inadvertently returned the video “Agent Cody Banks” in its place – like to do a swap? (N)


I would have liked to report that our locals (cnr Tageruba and Erobin Streets) produced a clutch of four chicks.  Unfortunately, three Ibis were hanging around and they are notorious to eating the little ones.  Last season they knocked off Lenore Smith’s Curlew chicks – there are also Hawks and Kookaburras to contend with so at the moment I don’t know how many survivors there are.  Please take care in an area where chicks are present as the parents take them across the streets to feed. (N) 


A window was broken at the Community Hall over the weekend.  Council and Police have been notified and it is understood that finger prints were taken.

Also, the stages from under the hall were placed on the first golf tee for cycling fun.

If you would like to become an email reader, or have an item, please let us know,

BIGGLES – BRUCE E. GREEN   3207 8895
The Bugle copied and stapled – courtesy of Mr. John English M.P.
Thank you for donations of paper for the Bugle.

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