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Protest over liquor licence

Redland Times19/5/2008

ANGRY Coochiemudlo Island residents will meet on Thursday to discuss the approval of a general liquor licence on the island.

Consul Management Pty Ltd has successfully applied to the Commercial and Consumer Tribunal for a liquor licence allowing it to sell takeaway alcohol from the Bayview on Coochie building.

The Liquor Licensing Division had previously rejected the application.

State Member for Redlands John English said he believed the tribunal did not take sufficient notice of community priorities.

The island’s progress association has called a public meeting at the Coochiemudlo Island Community Hall on Thursday, May 22, at 7pm. Enquiries to Bruce Green on 3207 8895.

2 Responses to “Protest over liquor licence”

  1. Julie Cook says:

    Don’t know if it is too late but is a development application for the actual “business” on the site lodged and approved with Council yet cause if not the opportunity still exists to restrict the licence through Council. The Licence is one issue – the development application is another – just cause the Licence says they can doesn’t mean it will come to fruition if the development application has not been approved. Council have control here I think.
    Someone should check out if the Council have approved the premises with the licence hours permissible – they have the right to restrict it – not allow a bottle shop etc. ….if anyone wants to chat about this ring me on 0417 055645 (my family have had a house on Coochie for 70 years) – there should have been a legal challenge or more action taken but its a bit difficult to take action from Sydney where I live.

    • Hi Julie,
      I’ve just read your comment in relation to the approved Liquor License and in many ways you are correct. However, as it stands the approval is provisional. The proviso being that the applicant must meet ALL the requirements (including Council development applications) before they are able to commence trading. This they have currently not done!
      Unfortunately, a legal challenge would be beyond the expense of this community and would be unlikely to overturn the decision. The Tribunal which ruled in favour of the application was acting on what is essentially a very bad piece of legislation. This is currently being reviewed so that “community harm” is given much more importance. At the time, the commercial tendency of the Tribunal was able to negate or ignore this aspect.
      So, as it stands the ruling was 100% correct in law but, 100% wrong in reality. However, until such time as the Licensee meets ALL the requirements, no trading will be legally possible. If trading does commence in the future, our best option is to vote with our feet and NOT promote or use the venue.
      Len Turner
      Caretaker President – Coochiemudlo Island Progress Association Inc.


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