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Biggles’ Bugle #111 (12/8/2008)


Following the promotion to Sergeant and transfer to Townsville of Graham Staib, Biggles was advised last week that Constable Joseph Mohr of Redland Bay Police has been appointed our new Liaison Officer.   We congratulate Graham and will be forwarding a Certificate of Appreciation to him and in welcoming Joseph, we will arrange a public meeting in order that members and residents have the opportunity to get to know him.

Margaret Walker received her Certificate of Appreciation on Wednesday the 23rd July but we hope to wrest it from her to allow for official presentation at the public meeting when we meet Const. Mohr.


Another 100 kits have just arrived and these will be passed to Heidi Wallace (Zone C) and Janet Richardson (Zone D) for distribution.  Another set is on order.  If you were not already aware (Redland Times 8/8/08) the Recreation Club was broken into on the previous weekend and a fire extinguisher stolen – Police are investigating. 

MANGROVE JACK heard one old joker down at the “grog log” say “I reckon that the bloke who dunit musta been frightened of spontaneous combustion in stuff that he nicked before.”  His mate replied “Nah, it’s just the young bucks graduating from pot and petrol sniffing”. If  you have ANY INFORMATION please inform the authorities.


One morning last week I was driving down Elizabeth Street and came close to hitting a young lady walking in the shadows.  In keeping with current fashions, she was dressed totally in black (even black stockings) and could easily have been hit had it not been for her long blonde hair.  It is wise to carry something white or reflective, especially at night, and YES! I was wearing my new glasses.


This will be held, Wednesday the 20th of August at the Community Hall – 7pm.  All Members would have received their meeting notice, proxy forms and nomination forms.   This important group works for the benefit of the Island, and is a voice to Local, State and Federal Government, and have achieved many outcomes over the years – they are desperately looking for new members.  We have had an influx of new residents over the last couple of years, surely some of you are interested in outcomes on the Island. Why not come along (Norma)


Parents, don’t forget each FRIDAY morning, 10am at the Front Beach/Play area.  All ages are welcome.  We are fortunate to have safe beach areas for the children’s enjoyment.  Recently two bus loads of primary school children from Mr. Gravatt came over to enjoy a “beach walk” experience.


The following reminiscences were written by Kerry Butler who is the devoted Godmother of our granddaughter Kimberly Green, a year 12 student and enthusiastic hockey player.  Since writing the article Kerry visited again last Flinders Day and enjoyed the day immensely, expressing the wish to return to do some fishing. Red Rock could be an appropriate spot to try on this occasion.

Through the eyes of a very young girl, it was an exciting excursion on a boat to an island paradise, somewhere where I had never been before.  Forty-five years ago, four generations of my family, my great grandmother (very unsteady on her feet), my grandmother (steady but cautious), my mother (not too adventurous) and me (always looking for adventure) set sail to visit the island called “Coochiemudlo”.  As my memory serves me, it was a blustery day on the boat and the island was visible right from the moment we set sail.  As we approached the Island, I couldn’t help thinking that it wasn’t the island of paradise I had imagined it to be!  There didn’t seem to be any sign of activity or even life and where our boat was to land was nothing but red mud banks and at the top a hut stood as the local store, the tourist information booth and seemingly the only inhabited spot on the Island.  We walked along a rickety jetty and stood at the top of the mud banks and looked out at the horizon at the other speckled island and the mainland – not at all adventurous to one so young.

We watched the boat leave the jetty and return to the mainland and as the boat wouldn’t return for another hour or so, we decided to buy a drink from the store.

Whilst standing at the counter, I couldn’t help but notice the Green Tree Frogs sitting on top of the old refrigerator and the thickness of the bushes and creepers around the hut.

As we returned to the jetty, my great grandmother lost her footing and slid from the top of the mud bank right down to the bottom.  I can still remember the way she looked in her now not so white dress covered in all this red mud!  Four and a half decades later it seems humorous, but at the time it seemed to be the fitting end to a disastrous family excursion

Now, forty-five years on I returned to that Island to visit friends.  My, how time has changed the old place!  I couldn’t believe the steady flow of people coming and going from the Island in the water taxi’s – such comfort.  The rickety jetty, long gone and where have all the mud banks gone?  Coochiemudlo is now a community, a nice relaxed settlement of people finding that Island of Paradise but not inundating it with commercialism or technology or bright lights with miles of concrete.

You even have a Golf Club, but where did those red mud banks go?  Well, I did manage to find them, and through the eyes of a very young girl what I believed to be massive red mud banks, are now just a patch where the old jetty once was. 
Thank you to Biggles and Norma for your hospitality and I look forward to my return, soon I hope.

by Kerry Butler



July was another busy month, 165 clients borrowed 417 items to keep themselves amused through the blustery July weather.    We recently purchased some more DVDs (and some were donated – thankyou)   Recently Croc Clark took a load of culled books to one of the Charities on the Mainland – thankyou Croc, for your kind assistance.    Library- at the lower Community Hall – is open 9am to 12pm Tuesdays and Saturdays and we have a wonderful collection of books/vids/dvds to keep your children happy on rainy days.   We also have a large range of Big Print and a few talking books for those who need a little extra help.(N.)


A safety fence has been erected in front of the storm water drain at the corner of Tageruba and Victoria Pde. South.   The street numbering on the sign has been corrected but not at the Eprapah St. end.  Council has also repaired the running bubbler fountain outside the Community Hall.   Thank you Council!

Water lying in Curlew Creek could be considered stagnant and therefore a health hazard, so has been reported.


Councillor Dowling has advised Ray Burton and myself that our petition for reversion to postcode 4165 has been rejected by Australia Post – see the notice board.   Member for Bowman, Andrew Laming M.P. has been approached and has written to the Minister on our behalf – more next issue.


Mayor Melva Hobson visited our Island on July the 29th to enjoy morning tea and share her vision of enhancing the cultural life of our City. while learning more of the activities of our Islands’ groups.  A very pleasant morning.


For those who did not see the Southern Bay News 25th July, there was a lovely photograph of our Esther Ison and two senior Leukaemia Foundation Executives.  Having raised the enormous sum of $103,217 she became the second highest fundraiser in Queensland for the cause this year.  You, your supporters and donors are to be congratulated and commended for your efforts.  Well done!!!  (Editor’s note – if my memory serves me correctly, Esther was the top fund raiser for the previous year.  It is worth becoming a “skinhead” for your cause.)


I am pleased to report we still have our FOUR Plover chicks up the end of Tageruba Street, and several juvenile Lorikeets (who think they should be fed by Mum and Dad – and get royally rebuffed)   I have been advised Native Ducklings are now hatching and getting around the streets – please be doubly careful at the bottom end of Elizabeth Street as they are hard to see in the shadows on the road.

Lenore Smith reports she is feeding 30/36 Curlews at the moment when she would be normally feeding 6/10. 
She uses a mixture of pet mince, soaked grain bread and fishy cat crunchy all mixed together and some birds are already filling their crops and flying away with food, so their partners must be sitting already – WOW the next Curlew count. Thankyou for your input Lenore, I know you have previously had trouble with Ibis eating the chicks (one gulp and you’re gone!) and I was worried when I saw the Ibis hassling the Plovers.(N)


Happy Birthday to Jewels Harris, Margaret Barrett and Simon Grimley, and Bob Green.      Hope you had happy ones. (N)

A SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Simon Tewson’s Mum who turned 80 last weekend, all the family gathered in Mackay to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Simon and Sharon also caught up with Mick Devina and Bob Harding and both are well and happy. (N)


Co-ordinator Bev. Holcroft wishes to give you plenty of notice about these Markets as there will be something different going on.

  • Firstly    BEST DECORATED CAKE   1 adult winner – 1 junior winner.  After the judging and the winners have been decided, the remaining cakes will be auctioned off and proceeds will go to the Market Co-op to help defray the Council charges.
  • Secondly    DOG PARADE    Categories for this will be:- largest, smallest, fluffiest and the one with the waggliest tail.  Excellent prizes.
  • Thirdly    HOME MADE LAND BOAT RACE – two person crew only, Adult, teen and juniors. (Please no metal or wood)
  • Fourthly    SAND SCULPTURE – Adult, teen and junior.

There will be food, refreshments and a large variety of stalls, and these may be booked by ringing Bev. on 32078315  A timetable for these events will be advertised very shortly. (N)


If you are changing your Carrier, would you please email us with your new address so we can alter our address book, thus ensuring continuance. (N)


Last Friday 8/08/08 was a special day for more than one reason.  Having parked at Town Centre and headed for Woolies we saw a most sophisticated “cage” in which there was this beautiful bird flapping her wings.
It was none other than Lynn Musgrove who was soon joined by another beautifully feathered “chick” Jenny Blackburn who entered the open cage – a gleaming Mercedes SLK35 2 door Convertible.

There was much cackling while Biggles crowed but alas too soon it was time to fly off.

(Copygirl footnote – Lynn informed us this was Ross’ “mid life crisis toy” and the girls were out for a spin.  Jenny had expressed her fervent hope that “someone will see us” and lo and behold it was none other than the Editor of the Bugle ! (N)


Last Sunday afternoon a number of Islanders were celebrating Australia’s “first” Gold Medal for providing pollution to the Beijing Olympics.  It is reported that some of the participants became so “blind” that they challenged their own team mates.  Seriously this behaviour is rapidly putting us into the category of other Islands.  A visiting professional man who was able to see through the “smog” observed “I suspect that this is a case of the 3D’s – drink, drugs and dementia”.  Come on boys and girls – show some respect for others and yourselves.

BIGGLES – BRUCE E. GREEN   3207 8895
The Bugle copied and stapled – courtesy of Mr. John English M.P.
Thank you for donations of paper for the Bugle.

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