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Biggles’ Bugle #112 (25/8/2008)


This event took place at the Community Hall on the 20th inst., at 7pm – thirteen people attended and there were three proxies. Following the reading of reports, three members were presented with Life Membership of the Association, Bev. and Don Holcroft and Bruce Green  The recipients were congratulated and the Holcrofts are particularly deserving, despite their humility.  As there were insufficient nominations for all executive positions, the meeting was deferred for a month until the 17th of September. 

The Bugle extends a sincere “thank you” to the outgoing Committee.  There is much behind-the-scenes work to do and Residents must realise that the Progress Assn. is the only group on the Island that is chartered to care for the general concerns of Coochiemudlo and not singular interests.  Please consider joining or rejoining the Association and helping in the various activities,  more next issue.   In the meantime here are a few words from new Life Member and Vice President and Co-ordinator of just about everything, Bev. Holcroft.

ABOUT OUR ASSOCIATION  “I would like to take a small amount of your time to supply a few facts about the Coochiemudlo Progress Association. One example, Flinders Day.

It costs between $500 to $1000 to provide the residents with entertainment.  This amount covers live entertainment, council fees, public liability, ferry and barge fees.   The Norfolk Bar, a few people set up, dismantle and run it solely for the enjoyment of the public.

Quite a few of our street corners get obscured by overgrown trees and bushes, people complain, Progress takes the complaint to Council.  Council in its wisdom takes a couple of months to consider this matter during which Progress repeats their request.

People think Progress does nothing, but believe me if it has anything to do with Council it takes a long time.  Progress supplies oxygen yearly for one of our Residents, a wheelchair for a young lad and also has a good supply of medical aids for the Resident’ convenience, if they do not have what you need, they will do their best to get it.

Progress tried very hard to renew the boat ramp at Morwong Beach but eventually received a flat NO!   All avenues were exhausted in attempting to supply a small bus for the Residents but run into a dead end each time.  Yes, I am a Member of Progress but like most Members get frustrated by the lack of support we receive.  If the Residents want Flinders Day, Christmas Eve and Anzac Day to continue, it’s up to the Residents to become involved in the Progress Assoc,. Committee.  For sure, there are other Clubs who could run these events but Progress are the people who deal with the Council for any complaints which always arrive.  COME ON COOCHIEMUDLIANS – GIVE A HAND. “ Bev.Holcroft.   Thanks Bev.


We are sorry for not getting to see you off, but it was not our fault, believe me.  At least we did say some preliminary Tata’s to our ferry skipper who has gone North to warmer climes.   Cheerio and all the best, and remember the  words from this old bloke “steer her straight and steady”.  All the best and do give us a thought sometime.


Dog owners be aware that ticks are now a feature of our warmer months and several animals have already picked them up. MANLY ROAD VET CLINIC – VET-2-U visit last Friday of every month (29th August) so if you need vet supplies, immunizations etc., please ring and book on 3396 9733.  There also has been a case of Kennel Cough reported (the patient has recovered fortunately) so be aware of this also. I have seen a few Cane Toads around too so looks like they are stirring again. (Norma)


Zones C and D have received their Householders Kits, so you will hear from the Co-ordinators, Heidi Wallace and Janet Richardson soon.  If you are not aware of your Zone, just check the notice boards, you will received your individual zone map with the kit.   Another order has been placed for Zones E and F.  We have posted the Certificate of Appreciation to Sgt. Graham Staib in Townsville. Hopefully we will confirm the date of a general meeting in the next issue. 


From  Monday next, 1st September the rules for the above area change.  Please read the signs on the notice boards, or the large Council sign near the shelter shed.  The months of September and October read:- “All dogs must be on-leash at all times”.  Readers, this is only for your information, so please do not misconstrue it, as was done the last time, when some people considered that I was “wielding a big stick” for the Council.

Whilst on the subject of Canines, a large friendly female dog who lives near the centre of the Island received a nasty injury which became infected quite quickly and was considered by the Veterinary Surgeon to be a bite from another large dog.  Dog owners are exhorted to be sure that their animals are accounted for at all times.  The Council Dog-catchers do still come for random visits.


This event will be held on Saturday the 30th August at the Courts.  Please see the notice boards for details.  Even if you don’t participate, come along and cheer your friends on. (N)


Whilst the Commercial and Consumer Tribunal may have overturned the decision of the Chief Executive to refuse the licence, the matter has not been left to lie dormant.  Our Member for Redlands Mr. John English took up the cause and as you know held a meeting of objectors here on the Island, addressed Parliament and had consultations with both the Premier and Treasurer over the issue, and for this, we thank you John.  

Extracts from a letter – Treasurer to myself 12th August 2008 bear out that you have achieved a great deal and no doubt more to come.

Quote “In March 2008 the Premier announced the establishment of a Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal by late 2009.  The new tribunal will amalgamate a number of existing bodies and tribunals including the Commercial and Consumer Tribunal and provide a single gateway to increase the community’s access to justice.  It will increase efficiency and quality of decision-making through an enhanced administrative structure.
In this regard, the Treasurer has written to the Chair of the Commercial and Consumer Tribunal requesting that the notification of tribunal decisions to community groups and affected people be looked at in the review of the new tribunal’s operation.  Additionally, the Chief Executive has implemented an interim procedure to ensure community groups and/or affected parties are advised of liquor appeal outcomes.

You may also wish to raise this matter with the Tribunal Director” unquote.

Subsequently as Principal Petitioner on behalf of the Progress Association and Editor of the Biggles’ Bugle, I wrote to the Tribunal and forwarded a number of copies of correspondence relating to the matter.  To date I have received no acknowledgement and I expect to also hear from the Ombudsman soon.


As the last issue of the Bugle when I reported we had four Plover chicks, one fell prey to a black cat.  PLEASE CAT OWNERS keep your animals in at night and if you have problems with feral cats, please ring the Council Pound and they will arrange for a cat trap.  We still have three fast-growing chicks which will be able to fend for themselves soon.(N)


Pam Schulz and Peter McQueens’Mothers achieved wonderful milestones  – happy birthday girls!   Another birthday of note is Rikki Thomsett who has just turned 14 – she has “worked her butt off over the last twelve months and has saved up enough money for a school trip to Japan which leaves on the 25th September.  She will be there for 16 days..Rikki talks that loud and that quickly that most Aussie’s cannot understand her so – God Help Japan”.  Juli and Jim are enjoying the snowfields at Mt. Hotham to celebrate her birthday.   Barbara McLeod has also celebrated.  Hope you all had happy ones!  (N)


Once again through the generosity of residents we have had another injection of new books, dvds and videos.   In the last edition of the Bugle somehow this poor old dear announced the Library was open on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  Of course that is wrong it is WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAYS 9AM TO 12PM. (N)


That small storm last Friday the 22nd yielded 8mm, the only rainfall to date this month.  Last month we received 128.5mm – conversely, last year July rainfall was 7.5mm and August 122.5mm.


On the reverse is an invitation from John English M.P. to attend a free Seniors Morning Tea on Friday the 29th August 2008 at Pinklands Sporting Club. As Bruce is off to Charleville on Thursday to visit his Sister (and attend the Bilby Festival) there will be three seats in our car if anyone would like a lift. Please ring me on 3207 8895 if you require one.   R.S.V.P. is Tuesday the 26th for catering purposes. (N)

BIGGLES – BRUCE E. GREEN   3207 8895
The Bugle copied and stapled – courtesy of Mr. John English M.P.
Thank you for donations of paper for the Bugle.

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