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Contacting golf club

I live at Vicy Point and have been to Coochie many times. I just love the place.

I have seen the sign for the golf club near the Community centre and would like to contact the club to set up a group tee-off.

Could you help me with a contact number? They don’t seem to be listed anywhere in the white and yellow pages, or on any website I have found so far.

Regards Ronnie

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  1. Site Editor says:

    Hi, Ronnie

    The Coochie Directory is here:

    The Golf Club’s webpage is here:


  2. Ronda says:


    Couldn’t see for looking!

    Love Coochie and hope to have a swing at the golf club real soon.

    regards Ronnie

    • margaret anderson says:

      Hi Ronnie
      I am on the golf club committee and am the PR person. My home phone number is 3820 9646 and my email is

      Have you managed to get in touch with anyone yet? If so, then all is fine. Otherwise, perhaps I can help you. Give me a call or email me on my home email.



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