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Wireless broadband?

I'm considering getting a 3G wireless broadband subscription to use while on Coochie (I have 3G on 3 while in the city).

3 does not cover Coochie. Telstra is too expensive (I assume it will work beautifully on the island — am I correct on this, for those who are on Telstra's NextG?). So I'm thinking Optus. But does its 3G actually run — hopefully even fly — on Coochie? Or does it crawl instead (ie speed like a landline)?

If anyone's using wireless broadband on the island, would be great to hear from you.

Thanks in advance.



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  1. Anita says:

    I recently organised wireless broadband through vodafone. I thinks its about $39 for 5GB a month. It is not super-fast like normal broadband, but overall its actually not too bad. There are moments where I cant get on, or pages take a while to load, but most of the time it is actually pretty good – I was quite surprised.

    • TenZens says:

      This sounds really encouraging.

      I am particularly looking at Optus because they now have a pre-paid mobile broadband plan. Don’t really want to get into a long-term contract, particularly when I don’t know what the service reliability is.

  2. TenZens says:

    I had the chance to test the Optus 3G wireless broadband over the weekend at a dwelling on Carefree Street which is within its 3G network coverage area on Coochie (per their online coverage map). I managed to connect very, very briefly (like a minute or so), then it went out. The reception was extremely poor: the signal meter showed one bar or (mostly) ‘No Signal’.

    On the other hand, while on the beach (and also while having lunch at Flinders Cafe) I managed to use my Nokia E71 on 3’s 3G network to check my e-mails and to surf the net. This means that I should be able to do the same on my laptop using 3’s 3G wireless broadband. Note that 3 does not have Coochie on its (online) network coverage map.

  3. chris patty says:

    Hi Grace,
    I’m on Optus 3G and reception and connection at my place – 26 erobin street is fine – usually good solid 3-4 bars and speeed is at 7.2 mbps (optus’s fasted wireless speed)- sometimes will drop back to 56K (usual default)
    hope this helps

  4. Leigh Purdie says:

    Just for search/comparison purposes, ADSL top speed on the island at the moment is just a touch under 4 megabits per second.

    ADSL2 is unfortunately, not available. ADSL2 requires an ADSL2 card to be linked into the point at which the copper wires connect to the exchange (from what I understand).

    Since we are connected to a micro-exchange, which is connected to the Victoria point exchange via a fibre-optic link, ADSL2 wouldn’t work for us (unless they found a way to install lots of cards in the tiny box outside Baywater real estate).

    A community-wide wireless network could potentially be viable though, with the right hardware/antennas, and a fast backbone back to the mainland. Something to ponder for the future, if ADSL2 is not viable, and our wireless coverage is sub-optimal.



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