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Life on Coochie

We are looking to move to Queensland in January and just stumbled across your beautiful island, but wonder how it would be living there with 3 kids and travelling to the mainland each day for school and work. I understand that many people have a car they keep on the mainland. Where do you keep it and is it expensive? If the kids are involved in after school or extracurricular activities can they still get transported to the ferries? the beaches look lovely. I noticed on Macleay the beaches have "enclosures" presumably against sharks. Is this necessary on Coochie?

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  1. Leigh says:

    G’day Heather,

    Mainland travel is not much of a chore. The ferry starts early (a bit after 5am), and finishes late (approx 11:30), and kids get a free travel pass to and from the mainland, where a school bus generally meets them to take them to various local schools. It adds a bit of time to your journey each day, but coming home to the island makes it worth it.

    Cars can either be parked at the car park at the top of the hill (where they are reasonably safe, but are still subject to the same sorts of problems that plague most car parks), or can be placed in one of a couple of ‘private car parks’ that are near the island – prices are a little over 100 dollars per quarter.

    The beaches are beautiful – and sharks have not proven to be an issue in the past.




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