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Moving to Coochie

Hi everyone, we (me and my husband and a little boy) just decided to move to one of the Moreton Bay Islands and Coochie seems like it would perfectly fit our lifestyle ๐Ÿ™‚ We're just sick of Brissie and want to get back to nature and get together with some nice people who think the same. Maybe you could give us a few tips, eg. about the easiest (and cheapest) way to move to Coochie and finding the right house (there are not many on, is anyone renting privately)? We'd really appreciate your help! Cheers, Chrissy & Mick

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  1. TenZens says:

    Hi, Chrissy

    I suggest leisurely exploring the island on your bike (or you can hire a scooter from Coochie Island Resort) on a Saturday or Sunday to check out your options for renting or buying. You can then call the relevant contact parties for the ones that interest you.

    There are two real estate agencies on the island (Baywaters Realty and LJ Hooker — check the Coochie Directory) which can assist you.

    All the best with ‘Mission: Coochie Possible’!

  2. Galahad says:

    Hi, if you would like to send me your email address, I may be able to help you….

  3. Chrissy says:

    Hi, thanks for your replies ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry, just saw the 2nd comment today. My e-mail address above. We’ve probably found a house in the meanwhile. How can we find connection to the community once we live over there? Would be nice to have a good start with a friendly neighbourhood!


    Chrissy & Mick & Timmy

  4. Margo says:

    hi i have just been looking at the website after me , my husband and our daughter have decided to move up there also, we to are looking for a house to rent if you know of any please email me on margopriestly@hotmail.comthanks


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