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Internet options on Coochiemudlo!!

Moving over to Coochie and need to find out fast what people are using over their of internet.. Speed and cost etc.. I look forward to your replys

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  1. TenZens says:

    Wired broadband is not a problem on the island – you get quite a choice. However, naked DSL (where you don’t have to have a landline to get broadband Internet — saves you the monthly phone line rental) is, as far as I know, still not available (and probably will not be for a long, long time).

    In terms of speed, I don’t think ADLS+2 (speed up to 24MB) is available on the island — but ADSL1 is decent (theoretically up to 8MB but, in reality, more like 1-1.5MB).

    Mobile broadband is also available. Check this thread

    And … welcome to Coochie (soon)!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wireless Broadband is definitely available on Coochie. $49/month will get you 1GB download through BigPond on Telstra nextG network. Sign up for 24months you get the modem for free. I live down the golf course end of the island where mobile service is not great so needed to connect small extension antenna (available from BigPond for around $36) to achieve the required signal (2 bars minimum needed, usually get three) When I signed up for this 12 months ago only Telstra had coverage on Coochie, not sure about now. Speeds – not brilliant but workable.
    Hope that helps.

  3. Paul says:

    Hey, we just switched everything over to Westnet, seemed to be a reasonable deal and they had no problems hooking us up.

    On another note, I just created a facebook group for island residents, see url above. Would be great to link everyone up…

  4. Tammy Snelling says:

    Hi I am trying to find out if we can get Netflix on the island and what is the internet like please.


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