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Welcome to the new – version 2010

2010A new year — and a new and better goes with it.  Naturally.  

Finding the information you want is easier than ever as a result of our current site renovation.

See for yourself:  

  • New look.  We were not unhappy with the previous look, but it did not allow us to utilise the online real estate efficiently.  Specifically, it didn't have a proper sidebar … which we now have, and which we are now using to hold information on subscription, calendar, quick links, search by tags and others.
  • Calendar.  Try the new and improved calendar.  It's never been easier to find out what's happening on Coochie.  Forthcoming events and the day's events are also shown prominently in the sidebar.  You'll have to come up with a better excuse for missing Coochie events!
  • Search by tags.  Searching for information on the site has never been easier.  We have introduced a standard set of tags and have classified posts accordingly.  The tag cloud is on the sidebar — click on a topic and all posts tagged to that topic will unfold before your eyes.  Of course, if you're searching for specific terms, then there's the ever reliable search box for that.   
  • A new category: Planning Fora.  Planning and community consultations by the Redland City Council on issues that affect the island.  Secure parking for islanders at the Victoria Point jetty.  Safety issues on the island.  Community planning for regular events that occur on the island — the markets, Flinders Day, Octoberfest.  These and similar issues need to be highlighted in order to generate maximum interest and input from the community (including from visitors, where applicable).  The Planning Fora category makes it easy to find and participate in discussions on these important community issues.    
  • Multilingual.  Everything on the Internet transcends geography — and it should transcend language, too.  We never forgot this, and now we've finally done it: on-site translation of content in, hmmmm, 51 languages!  These translation engines are not perfect, but they are getting better and better.   
  • Quick links. Quick links to the Coochie Directory and to places to stay on the island are now available from the sidebar.  
  • Subscription.  We're now using Google's Feedburner service for our e-mail subscription.  We will soon be sending out notices to existing subscribers to migrate them over to that service.

We're not done with all the work by any means.  

There's a few more tweaks to make here and there, and a few more features and improvements to introduce, like:

  • making it easier for registered users to post content (all media) on the site.  As a result, access to the backend by registered users is currently disabled.  
  • enabling everyone to flag Coochie-related news and information elsewhere for sharing on the site
  • making the site friendlier for visually impaired visitors.
  • making available Facebook-like features and connectivities.  And twitter, too.  
  • and a few more ….

And we're also in the process of developing a community website covering all Moreton Bay islands, with eventually folded into it.

Watch this space.

3 Responses to “Welcome to the new – version 2010”

  1. This is great news, we look forward to the ability to once again post images and edit. This is a great site for the community. Thank you, Grace.

    • Site Editor says:

      Currently working on letting you guys post stuff on the site again. Sometime this week, I’m sure. Will let you know as soon as it’s ready to go.

      Thanks for using the site.

  2. Site Editor says:

    At last, we’re back in business again.

    Registered users can now log in using their existing credentials and start posting on the site again. If you have forgotten your password, just provide your e-mail address (under the “Forgot your password?” section on the log in panel) and it will be retrieved for you.

    BTW, we have a new, sliding log in panel at the very top of the window.

    Once you’re logged in, you can initiate a new post by: (a) opening an existing post in the category that you want to post in (eg any post in Marketplace); and (b) clicking the appropriate category link inside the red-lined box at the bottom of that post. This is the ONLY way you can create new posts.

    So … what are you waiting for?


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