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Golf carts

Do you have golf carts for hire to get around the island? My parents want to visit but my father has knee problems and wont be able to walk around. If you do have could you please tell me the cost and where we could pick them up. Also, are they 2 or 4 seaters. Thank you Vee

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  1. Nick Stephens says:


    I am an occasional resident & home owner on the island. No there are no golf carts but there is a quaint friendly low key bus owner, who meets the ferry. However, what a great commercial idea!.. Maybe I should be the first on the island to set up “Coochie Carts”. However there are roads & cars have to be registered to use them, so maybe the police may take a dim view of golf carts using the roads.

    There are footpaths in some area, so we are still in with a chance.

    Enjoy Coochie.. sometime as I sit on the beach listening to the “tink tink” of the cables against the masts of the boats sitting at anchor, near the beach, I cannot think of a better shore that I have sat on in the Mediterranean…. an unrecognized paradise.


    Nick Stephens

    • Rusty says:

      Thank you Nick for your creative idea but the community bus no longer runs due to public liability insurance and other crazy expenses. There is a great project embrased by council and state gov. to allow the registration of golf carts and similar vehicles. This is being pushed by the “Progress Association” on the island and the first step is to lower the speed limit to 40k so the electric carts are not considered a traffic hazard by the police. I hope this helpes.




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