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Why it really is important to talk to your pooch pals

DOG owners can now breathe a sigh of relief as a new book by Redland author and experienced veterinarian David Paxton explains that it really is okay to talk to your four-legged best mate.

The book, Why it’s OK to Talk to Your Dog explores the co-evolution of people and dogs in a factual and illuminating hypothesis.

David has had a long career working with animals, including in Papua New Guinea, where he also worked on the BBC film, The Secret Life of the Dog.

Now living on Coochiemudlo Island, David suggests in the book that in evolution, mankind’s ability to speak words set us apart from other human-like species that could not.

“Those other species are now extinct, but the anatomy for speaking words interferes with our sense of smell,” he said.

“Ancestors of the dog moved into caves of human ancestors some 130,000 years ago. Forewarned in their caves by the dogs, those of our ancestors with a developing ability to speak, but a diminishing sense of smell, could survive,” Davis said.

“As humans and dogs adapted to each other, a unique, co-evolved partnership evolved. We became part of each other’s nature. Therefore, if we desire to live in naturally vibrant communities, the human-dog partnership must be nurtured and managed well.”

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