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Shopping Online for Coochie

Trolley full of groceriesI was recently on the Woolworths site and was interested enough to ask about delivery to the island of groceries. I have seen subcontracted trucks at Woolworths at Victoria Point and asked one of the drivers if he delivers to the island. He told me that he delivered to most of the islands, and it was growing in popularity as it was more convenient and worked out to be a cheaper alternative to what was available on their islands, and barge and ferry transport costs.  Right now I’ve been told that there are deliveries to Stradbroke Island, Macleay Island, Russell Island and Karragarra Island. I have also been told that they would be considering starting a delivery service to Coochiemudlo Island if enough interest was generated in the service as it has been on the other islands.

I for one would be interested in this concept, as even though it may be a little more expensive for delivery, and you pay for it online before it is delivered, it would work out around the same costs when transport fees, time and effort are taken into account. Sometimes when I do a bigger shop, I take the car over to pick up the extras. While this is a nice day out, I can only afford to do this periodically, as it works out to be quite expensive on the barge if you are doing it on a regular basis. As far as the ferry is concerned, I am only able to get small amounts at a time as I have problems with pain in my joints and pulling the trolleys only exacerbates the problem.

I know that some of you will have differing opinions on a home delivery service and shopping for your groceries online. But I would hope that there would be some on the island willing to give it a go. Are there any thoughts on this subject?

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  1. Ruby says:

    I can see that this subject is very popular from the replies that have been posted..not. Oh well. Maybe one day we will be able to have a home delivery service of groceries that will be embraced by the island inhabitants instead of ignored. Another opportunity gone to waste from lack of interest and apathy.

    • Anonymous says:



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    • steve says:

      My wife and i just moved here from Russell island we used Woolworths online every fortnight the food was always great and we are disappointed the don’t deliver here …mayby put a sign on the notice board to collect names who would use the service….if you spend 300.00 or more dollars its free delivery and if 1 house hold didn’t want to spend that much the could do a shop with friends online to get the free delivery regards Steve….

      • Lee says:

        Hi everyone, re shopping delivery on Coochie. I had a petition going earlier this year. Woolworths told me in the January that 50 plus families might do the trick. I ended up with 68 families. I rang Woolworths who then told me it was not possible to deliver to Coochie as Mclaey Island are waiting for a second delivery van and they had not the funds for it, so there will not be funds for a long time for any other van.
        I mentioned to them what the manager told me about 50 plus families, her exact words were ” he,s left and that no longer applies.
        However we are still waiting for an IGA….going on 11 years I believe ?.

  2. Deborah says:

    I would love the idea for me to be able to have Woolworth to deliver on the island, I would you use it every week. This would save my legs and poor back


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