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Coochiemudlo barge out of action again


Bayside Bulletin

01 Dec, 2011 01:15 PM

THE Coochiemudlo Island barge service is out of action again after the gearbox on the Sirenia broke this morning.

There will be no barge service to the island until tomorrow afternoon, when it is hoped repairs to the gearbox will be completed. 

However, it is expected the service will be back up and running on the weekend.

The gearbox failure is the last in a line of breakdowns to plague the 14-car Sirenia, taken out of action three weeks ago for a week when cables holding up the drawbridge snapped.

The vessel had only been back in operation a day when the cables snapped.

Before that, the barge was taken out of service in September for five weeks after failing a Maritime Safety Queensland survey.

Barge owner Donna Davis said the barge service was halted this morning after the boat’s driver said the vessel would not go into reverse gear and was concerned about strong winds expected this afternoon.

Ms Davis said the gearbox had to be taken out of the boat and repairs could cost upwards from $6000.

Ms Davis and her staff rang residents and those with bookings for the barge to inform them there would not be a barge until Friday afternoon.

Long-time Coochiemudlo Island resident Margaret Walker had to cancel two doctors’ appointments tomorrow because of the barge failure.

“This is pathetic, ridiculous and dangerous,” Mrs Walker said.

“When will the council do something to regulate who runs the barge service so residents can be guaranteed a regular service.

“The operator’s landing permits must be revoked because there has not been an adequate service to and from the island for months,” Mrs Walker said.

Redland City Council is not responsible for running a barge service to the island.

The council is responsible for issuing landing permits.

For more details about timetables, call 3209 4198.

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