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Mayoral and Division 4 Elections – Update

Congratulations to Karen Williams, the newly-elected Mayor of Redland City Council.  She received 69.32% of all votes (70.35% of Division 4 votes), compared to 30.68% for Melva Hobson, the incumbent mayor at the last election.  

Final results for Division 4 Councillor have not been officially declared by the Queensland Electoral Commission.   As of 4th May, with 85.4% of the roll counted, Lance Hewlett led Louise Denisenko 40.45% to 34.13%:

Lance Hewlett 3,034 40.45%
Denise Denisenko 2,560 34.13%
Leeann Lillycrap    982 13.09%
Geoffrey Fowler    924 12.32%

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