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Useful Links – old and new, and those old Coochie newsletters

New links

We’ve just updated the Useful Links page.  We’ve:

  • Removed the entries for (Rachel Krinks’) Island Views and the online Bay Journal, both of which are now defunct; and

Before Rachel we had Bruce Green and Camrin Reeves producing their own Coochie newsletters.  It is very hard work putting newsletters together, so we thank them for their efforts and dedication – and for their obvious love of Coochie to be doing it.  But it also comes as no surprise that (hardcopy) local newsletters – which are given away for free – are unlikely to be sustainable.  The future – and already the present – is digital.  And that’s where this site comes in.  Eventually, we will have community members directly contributing their content on this site.  We’re almost there, but not just yet.  Watch this space.

Speaking of those old newsletters – they form part of Coochie’s history.   We can (should) archive them on this site.  But for that  volunteers will be needed to collect the materials, scan them and then post them here.  Contact us for a show of hands and off we go.

Redland 2030 is an “… incorporated not-for-profit association providing a forum for people concerned about local government and planning in Redland City”.   Theirs is a more “big picture” (policy) view of Redland City as a whole, as opposed to specific community issues in relation to Coochie.  But we do need the “helicopter view” as much as the ground-level view.  So we’ll pick and choose news and opinions from that site, as appropriate.

Redland City Council’s news site requires neither introduction nor explanation.  Or maybe it does (at least the “explanation” part)?  We discovered that the news item on the RCC site that warned about open fire danger (this post: has been expunged from the site.  This one’s particularly relevant as it relates to an incident on Coochie itself.  Anybody care to shine a light on this?

If there are other information sources/links that will enhance the experience, or knowledge and understanding, of both Coochie residents and visitors of/about the island, then let’s hear them.


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