New website to assist you this election 

Be counted - RCC ElectionsTwo weeks to go for the Redland City Council elections and state referendum on 19th March 2016.

Do you know yet who are the candidates in your Division?  Are you even enrolled to vote this time?  And which polling booths are available for you on the day?

These information are now available at

These are overlaid with information about the candidates:  their background; how to follow them in social media and catch up with them on the campaign trail; their plans if elected to Council (and for the incumbents, their accomplishments to date); and how to contact them.

Finally, obtaining information about your candidates has just gotten so much easier.

These candidate information are assembled in a (free) one-page website-within-a-website for each candidate, who can use the site as a channel to reach their constituency.  Conversely, electors can reach their candidates through the site.  Both sides come together in one place (albeit virtually) for a direct dialogue (Q&A).

We have reached out to the candidates to complete their one-page profiles on the site (contact us at   Many electors are still seeking information about their candidates.  The site seeks to provide them with the information they need for an informed decision on election day.

Use of the site is free to all.


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