Flora and Fauna

This page records the rich collection of flora and fauna found on Coochie by residents and visitors.  If you have any of those photos (including a more or less definitive identification of the flora/fauna involved, as well as a brief description), why not share them with the whole community?

We’re currently developing the content for this page. If you wish to get involved in this, please contact us.

Rose petal bubble snail Rose Petal Bubble snail Has a thin globular shell with brown to black spiral lines. Found in sand and rock platforms. It feeds on polychaete worms and can be found in Western Australia, Northern Australia, Southern NSW, the Pacific and the Atlantic. (Diane Gillham – 22/7/2006)
Huntsman's Spider (Isopoda Immanis) Huntman’s Spider (Isopoda Immanis) Found in the north and east of Australia and lives on the trunks and branches of trees. It is distinguished by a dark dorsal streak on its abdomen. (Diane Gillham – 22/7/2006)
Burton's Seastar (Asterina cepheus) Burton’s Seastar (Asperina cepheus) Usually oranges and reds; fine spines feel rough to touch. Common on inshore reefs and flats down to about 70m. Found in Northern Australia from northern WA to Moreton Bay; tropical West Pacific and Indo-Malayan region. (Diane Gillham – 13/6/2006)
Fragile Seastar (Luidia australiae) Fragile Seastar (Luidia australiae) Large seven arms are soft and liable to break if handled roughly. It buries itself in sand in sheltered bays, intertidal zone to depth of 15 m or more. (Diane Gillham – 26/4/2006)
Haddon's Anemone (Stichodactyla haddoni) Haddon’s Anemone (Stichodactyla haddoni) Has slightly to deeply folded tentacles that are very sticky. When disturbed can withdrdaw into bottom quickly. Often host to several species of shrimps and anemone fish in deeper water. (Diane Gillham – 26/4/2006)
Variagated Sea Cucumber (Holothuria pardalis) Variagated Sea Cucumber (Holothuria pardalis) Found on reef flats, rocky shores and seagrass areas. 0-10m depth. Detritus and deposit feeder. (Diane Gillham – 26/4/2006)
Blue Swimming Crab (Portunus pilagicus) Blue Swimming Crab (Portunus pilagicus) Mottled blue and olive green with long, strong spine each side. To 190mm across. Commercially important trawled species. Common in shallow, sandy-muddy inshore waters and seagrass beds. Efficient swimmer and burrower. Australia-wide; Indo-West Pacific. (Diane Gillham – 26/4/2006)