Ferry to Coochiemudlo Island

Coochie ferryFerry service between the Victoria Point jetty and Coochiemudlo Island  is available at 30-minute intervals from 5am (from Coochiemudlo Island) to 11:30pm (from Victoria Point Jetty) on weekdays.  On weekends and public holidays, the service starts and ends about an hour earlier.

Concessions fares are available to pensioners and children between 5 and 14 years old.  Children up to 5 years old ride free on the ferry.

It is a short and very pleasant ride from the Victoria Point Jetty to Coochie — you can’t help wishing for it to last longer.  The best ferry ride has to be in the evening, on the way back home for islanders, with clear sky and all those stars above.

On weekdays when schools are in session you will come face to face with the future of Coochie: children on their way to and from school. No, there isn’t a school on Coochiemudlo Island; Coochie children travel free on the ferry to get to and from schools in the mainland.

Ferry Timetable (from September 2012)


Ferry Service Information

  • Fares are paid on board the vessel.
  • Concession fares are available. However, concession cards must be shown to receive the fare discount.
  • Children under 5 yrs travel free and children 5-14 yrs are entitled to half-fare concession.
  • Lost property enquiries can be made on board or at the office during office hours.

Ferry Service Regulations

The Masters of Coochiemudlo Island Ferry Service vessels have the right to refuse entry to any person involved in the following matters under Section 188 of the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994:

  • Disorderly or violent behaviour
  • Annoyance or injury to other persons
  • Being in an intoxicated condition

The carriage of pets is not permitted unless they are properly contained or controlled (ie muzzle, lead or cage). Small dogs may be carried. No dogs are allowed on the seats.

Safety Information

To assist in providing better services to their valued patrons, Coochiemudlo Island Ferry Service asks that you adhere to the following safety rules:

  • Be careful when boarding and disembarking vessels especially in wet weather or when carrying heavy items
  • If you require assistance when boarding or disembarking please ask their crew
  • Please keep access clear for disembarking passengers while waiting to board.
  • Please remain seated while vessel is underway and until properly secured to a wharf.
  • Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • In addition, please inform crew when carrying dangerous goods (eg. fuel, gas, chlorine, or machinery containing fuel or gas, such as mowers). Fuel must be carried in approved containers and all dangerous goods including those in machines must be carried on the foredeck.


Ferry service to Coochie VICTORY POINT JETTY